Erosion Processes and Soil Collapse


  • Zoran Gavrilović Jaroslav Černi Water Institute, Belgrade


soil erosion, relief, anti-erosion measures, rainfall


Soil erosion is the natural process of the removal of soil which has been created by various soil creation processes. The durability of the fertile soil top layer depends directly on these creation and removal processes. Both processes include complex interactions influenced by many factors and are therefore being explored separately. Soil erosion has been the subject of scientific research for over a century while practices aiming to control erosion have existed for thousands of years. In many places where the problem of erosion is not recognized, natural processes have completely destroyed the surface fertile soil layer and continuies to degrade the sterile layer beneath. These places are now deserts that house the ruins of once powerful civilizations. This paper presents an overview of erosion mechanisms, analytical and experimental investigations of erosion processes, with special attention paid to rainfall kinetic energy and experimental results of aggregate and soil collapse due to erosion.




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