Water Research and Management

Our 1st Issue, Vol. 5

WRM cover Vol5 No1


Our new issue contains the following contributions:


May 2014 Floods in Serbia
Babić Mladenović M. and V. Kolarov

Scale Modeling of Beni Slimane Dam
Starinac D., Vojt P., Damnjanović M., Žugić D., Kapor R., Savić Lj., Zindović B. and P. Đajić

The status of the Mantovo Reservoir and Management Perspectives
Paunović M., Slavevska-Stamenković V., Smiljkov S., Prelić D., Ristovska M., Kostov V., Shoreva I. and B. Rimcheska

Composition of the Macroinvertebrates of the Hilly-Mountainous Stream in South-Western Serbia
Živić N.V., Babović-Jakšić T., Labus N., Tomić S. and A. Atanacković

The Composition of Macrozoobenthos Communities on Selected Sites of the Krupa River, Tributary of the River Vrbas
Balta M. and B. Bilbija

Soil Erosion and Torrents in Serbia
Petković S. and M. Stefanović



Our 4th Issue, Vol. 4

WRM cover Vol4 No4


Our new issue contains the following contributions:


Correlation Between Entrance Velocities, Increase in Local Hydraulic Resistances and Redox Potential of Alluvial Groundwater Sources
Dimkić M. and M. Pušić

River Sediment Transport in Serbia
Slobodan Petković

Diversity of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Streams in the Belgrade Region (Does Different Stream Types Matter?)
Marković V., Atanacković A., Zorić K., Ilić M., Kračun-Kolarević M. and B. Tubić

The Distribution of Astacidae (Decapoda) Fauna in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia
Živić N., Atanacković A., Milošević S. and M. Milosavljević



Our 3rd Issue, Vol. 4

WRM cover Vol4 No3


Our new issue contains the following contributions:


Statistical Significance of the Rainfall Intensity That Caused the May 2014 Flood in Serbia
Prohaska S., Đukić D., Bartoš Divac V. and N. Božović

Air-Water Flow on a Labyrinth Spillway
Starinac D., Kapor R., Savić Lj., Vojt P., Žugić D., Damnjanović M, Zindović B. and P. Đajić

Ecological Potential Assessment of Sava Lake Based on Fish Community Composition: Preliminary Results
Mićković B., Nikčević M., Grozdić T., Pucar M., Hegediš A. and Z. Gačić

Contribution to the knowledge of Platambus maculatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Dytiscidae: Coleoptera) in Serbia
Novaković B., Ilić M., Kračun-Kolarević M., Vasiljević B., Tubić B. and V. Marković

First Recent Record of Macronychus quadrituberculatus Müller,1806 (Elmidae: Coleoptera) in Serbia
Novaković B. and G. Mesaroš



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