In-Situ Measuring Campaign at the Hydropower Plant ‘‘Perućica’’, Montenegro - Part 1: Open Channel System - page 3



Methodology and Equipment

The measuring campaign comprised the measuring of the water level, discharge and gate position. All measurement results were obtained in relation to a given measurement point. Measurement points are shown in Figure 1.

Horizontal position and height measurements

In order to obtain a unique coordinate system for all measurements and to establish a correlation between these relative measurements, a geodetic survey was conducted to reference these measurements to the official coordinate system of Montenegro.

To determinine the horizontal positions, a total station Leica TC 2003 was used. The precision of this instrument is:

  • for distance measurements U = (1+1*10-6*L) mm
  • for angle measurements Un = 0.56"

To determinine the vertical positions (heights), a precise level Leica DNA03 was used. The precision of this instrument is:

U = (0.286* L/2) mm, L in km



Figure 3: Reference point for water level measuring in the reservoir and perforated pipe for pressure sensors


Water level

Eijkelkamp diver pressure sensors, with an incorporated data logger, were mostly used for measuring water levels in reservoirs and channels. The pressure sensors were placed at the bottom, inside a perforated pipe (Figures 3 and 4) in order to minimize perturbations of the water level and, in that way, provide appropriate measuring conditions. These devices measure the absolute pressure (water pressure + barometric pressure), so the appropriate correction was made by subtracting the barometric pressure. Due to the size of the measured area, the barometric pressure was measured at two points in the open channel system.



Figure 4: Water level measurement point in the channel