Our 2nd Issue, Vol. 2



Our new issue contains the following contributions:

In-Situ Measuring Campaign at the Hydropower Plant ‘‘Perućica’’, Montenegro - Part 1: Open Channel System
Starinac D., Kapor R., Zindović B., Žugić D. & P. Vojt

Methodology of Macroinvertebrate Survey on Large Rivers: A Case Study on the Romanian Lower Danube
Csányi B., Szekeres J., György A.I., Szalóky Z. & I. Falka

Indicative status assessment of the Danube River (Iron Gate sector 849 - 1,077 rkm) based on the aquatic macroinvertebrates
Marković V., Atanacković A., Tubić B., Vasiljević B., Kračun M., Tomović J., Nikolić V. & M. Paunović

Studies on the Structure of Benthic Fish Assemblages With an Electrified Benthic Trawl in the River Danube Between Calarasi and Braila, Romania
Szalóky Z., György A.I., Szekeres J., Falka I. & B. Csányi

Otolith mass asymmetry in three pelagic fish species collected from the Persian Gulf near Bandar Abbas
Jawad L. & Z. Sadighzadeh