Indicative Ecological Status Assessment of the Južna Morava River Based on Aquatic Macroinvertebrates - page 03

Some taxa were not identified to the species level (mainly Oligochaeta and Diptera) due to complex and long-term identification process. On the other hand, some taxa in different taxonomic ranks are not included in the used list of indicator taxa (Moog, 1995). Therefore calculated values of SI index were lower than expected.

According to this study, the lowest BMWP Score value was 13 (Ristovac,September). In the opposite, the highest value was 70 (Mojsinje,September). Average values of BMWP Score during investigations reflect that water quality is good (Class II).

The lowest ASPT value was recorded in Ristovac (2.60), and the highest in Grdelica (6.70), both in September. Average ASPT values indicate poor status of the river (Class IV).

Values of selected assessment parameter and overall status assessment are given in Tables 4, 5 and 6.


Table 4: Values of examined parameters in June 2011


Table 5: Values of examined parameters in September 2011


Table 6: Ecological status classes with respect to average values of examined parameters and overall status assessment 


Based on analyses of all parameters, it is concluded that the indicative status of the Južna Morava River in the investigated stretch could be assessed as moderate (Class III).

Generally small number of recorded taxa, with dominance of one or a few species reflects the presence of different types of stress. The results of our study confirmed that the Južna Morava River is under influence of various types of pressures, primarily organic and nutrient pollution and other. The river is also under the influence of substances originating from industry) as well as hydromorphological pressures (river bed degradation, channelling, gravel and sand extraction).


The author cordially thanks to Mr. Momir Paunović for useful advices during the writing of this paper.