Integrated Water Resource Management for Mega City: A Case Study of Dhaka City, Bangladesh - page 6


The water problem is one of the crucial challenges in Dhaka City. The priorities for water resources development and management in an integrated manner should be assessed according to the economic and social values of water. Three main key elements are therefore urgently needed for the IWRM process in Dhaka City as well as the whole of Bangladesh: stakeholder participation with elected representatives; the pricing of water to put an economic value on it; and a knowledge base to support decision-making at different levels. Socio-economic, biophysical, institutional and water quality issues must be considered in area-wise service provision, process optimization and policymaking. Alternate water supply and ground water recharge systems should be implemented on the basis of priority and feasibility analysis. Simultaneous change in water consumption behavior, modification of pricing, taxation, reduction of system loss, development of human resources, institutional reform and sustainable planning considering the impacts of climate change should be defined as common goals in order to produce the best outcomes. It is expected that the scarcity and stress on water resources, which at present handicap Dhaka City, would act as a catalyst for the IWRM process in the country.