Establishment of the Sediment Monitoring System for the Sava River Basin - Page7

Selecting individual gauging station on a map will be possible to see descriptive data about the station and get processed hydro meteorological datasets related to selected station.

Mentioned layers will show only processed data (official and verified data by the competent institutions delivered to Sava HIS system) visible and available for public and registered users, but only registered user will have permission to download data. User rights and permissions will be regulated through administration module.

In Sava HIS system the processed datasets will be collected via web interface. The processed datasets cover daily time series from historical data (Year books), monthly/yearly time series and statistical data which shall be loaded into central Sava HIS database via web interface following the default template.



It is in the interest of all SRB countries to establish a coordinated sediment monitoring system in the Sava River basin, as stipulated in Art. 6 of the Protocol on Sediment Management to FASRB. Data gathered on the future sediment monitoring network will be used for preparation and implementation of the SRB Sediment management plan.


Within the 2015 project "Establishment of the Sediment Monitoring System for the Sava River Basin", the ISRBC Core expert group examined all available techniques and standards used worldwide for sediment monitoring. Since harmonization and standardization of methodology for measurements is needed to have comparable results on entire Sava River basin, a uniform methodology for SRB was proposed. The novel acoustic technique is suggested as it allows more detailed and cheaper monitoring of suspended sediment concentration than traditional methods, although it requires calibration of measurements by direct sediment sampling. Also, a combination of ADCP measurements and laboratory analysis is necessity and is recommended method for obtaining a reliable relationship between discharge and suspended sediment concentration.

These modern international standards for the sediment monitoring are already utilised in the SRB (mainly in Slovenia and Croatia). The implementation of the same measurement techniques and standards is recommended for the all SRB countries.

Also, cross sections surveys and riverbed material sampling were recommended to be done periodically along the Sava river.