WRM Journal No. 4, Vol. 8

korica casopisa vol8 no4The Fourth issue Vol. 8 of Water Research and Management was published on 20 April 2019. Our thirty second issue contains the following contributions:

  • Phytoplankton Community Structure in Artificial Salty Lake Near Kikinda City
    Predojević D., Trbojević I., Pećić M. and G. Subakov-Simić
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological Indicators of the Jablanica River Water Quality (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Golub D., Lolić S., Dmitrović D., Dekić R., Šukalo G. and S. Cvijić
  • Transboundary Pollution of Water and Analysis of the Case of Pollution of the River Spreca
    I. Bjelica Vlajić