WRM Journal No. 2, Vol. 9

korica casopisa vol8 no4The Second issue Vol. 9 of Water Research and Management was published in March of 2020. Our thirty fourth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Certain Aspects of Water Management as Impacted by Economic and Climate Transition in Serbia
    Dimkić M., Zlatić M., Dimkić D., Milojković S., Stefanović M., Čalenić A. and B. Dimkić
  • International Commision for the Protection of the Danube River – an Overview
    Zavadsky I. and J. Krstajić
  • Morphological Variability and Sexual Dimorphism of Danube Crayfish Pontastacus leptodactylus Eschscholtz, 1823 from the Vrbas River
    Roljić R., Nikolić V. and N. Savić
  • Management of Wastewater From Ships and Options for Their Treatment
    Presburger Ulniković V., Stamenković L., Mrazovac Kurilić S. and V. Cibulić