Instruction for Authors - page 2


Tables should be numbered using Arabic numerals (Table 1: Title/Contents of the table), and typed on separate sheets; the title should make the meaning clear without having to refer to the text.  In the body of the text, tables should be referred to in the following manner: “ shown in Table 1” or “... measured chemical parameters (Table 1)”.

Illustrations and Graphics

Please do not insert illustrations in the text. All illustrations should be submitted in a separate file named as follows: First author’s name_et_al_FigX.tif (or other format), e.g. Allan_et_al_Fig1.tif.  All photographs, graphs, and diagrams should be numbered sequentially, using Arabic numerals, in the order in which they are referred to in the text.
Diagrams, photographs, figures and maps should be supplied as pictures in TIFF format, and the file resolution should not be less than 240 ppc/300 dpi at 170 mm wide (preferably 600 dpi).
If you prefer to send a hard copy of the manuscript, your charts, graphs, or diagrams should be drawn in black ink on good-quality white paper.

Lettering to appear on the illustrations should be given in full and should be of sufficient size to allow for considerable reduction. Illustrations should not be larger than A-4 format. The name(s) of the author(s) should be written on the back of each illustration.
All diagrams, photographs, figures and maps should be titled, e.g.: “Figure 1: Title, etc.”.. Figure legends should be typed on a separate sheet, not on the original, and should provide sufficient information to make the illustration comprehensible without having to refer to the text.
Glossy photographs of positive prints should be sent unmounted and should be kept to a minimum.
In the body of the text, figures should be referred to in the following manner: “ shown in Figure 1” or “... clearly shows the difference (Figure 1)”.


SI units are strongly recommended. If non-SI units must be used, SI equivalents (or conversion factors) must also be given.
Latin names of species and genera should be italicized.
The formal abbreviation of this journal is WRM.
Footnotes should be avoided.
Please use a decimal point rather than a comma in numbers (i.e. 3,900.14 and not 3.900,14).
Equations should be written in dimensionless form or in metric units.
For further information or clarification please contact our Editor-in-Chief at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it