A Word from Our Editor-in-Chief

The Serbian Water Pollution Control Society is launching the Water Research and Management Journal to respond to the general need for such a publication and to benefit Serbia, the region, and in some respects the extended international community. Our journal’s mission is to report scientific research and be informative in nature.
Each of our four annual issues will contain between five and eight articles, of which, tentatively, one or two will address water management, two or three will discuss various areas of hydraulic engineering (e.g., water use, water protection, and protection against the adverse effects of water), and two or three will be devoted to water quality and life in the aquatic environment.
Our journal’s Editorial Board is international. In addition to our principal founder, the Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources and the Siniša Stanović Institute for Biological Research will share the substantial design and editing burden. The regional co-publisher will be the International Association of Waterworks in the Danube Catchment Area (IAWD). The Editorial Board is composed of individuals from leading South-East European scientific and technical institutions, regional bodies (including the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, ICPDR), and other major regional stakeholders, as well as individuals and representatives from institutions and organizations based beyond our region, above all the International Water Association (IWA) and UNESCO (IHP-UNESCO).
Water protection under water management has become a major global challenge. At present, we are seeking and aiming to achieve sustainable or adaptive water management on our planet as a whole. Europe is implementing River Basin Management Plans. In addition, national water management plans have either been established or are in their final stages of adoption across Europe. Major efforts are required and ample opportunities exist for water monitoring and research, primarily with regard to the identification of problems, the design of improved methods to deal with such problems, and the definition of best approaches to the implementation of plans.
Many countries in our region (South-East Europe) are going through a period of rapid political and economic changes which, inter alia, require the identification and resolution of specific water management issues. There is also a need for intensified scientific and technical capacity building. The idea underlying our journal is to contribute to successful coping with specific water management challenges in a rapidly changing social environment, as well as with water research and management issues in general.
Our journal aims to maintain the highest international standards and become a reference water journal both in the region and beyond. We, therefore, seek collaboration with the largest number of authors and institutions, to assist us in fulfilling our mission.


Professor Dr. Milan A. Dimkić