Natural Attenuation of Emerging Pharmaceuticals by Bank Filtration in Addressing Regional Groundwater Management Issues - Dimkic et al. page 1


Groundwater Management Issues in Vojvodina

More than two million inhabitants and industry in Vojvodina use groundwater for their water supply, captured from aquifers at different depths, ranging from 20 to more than 200 m. There is large number of aquifers in water-bearing media of younger chrono-stratigraphic units – Quaternary and Pliocene, of which the most important for public water supply are the following (Figure 2):
  • the “first” aquifers from the surface in the area of alluvial plains,
  • basic aquifers formed in the basic water-bearing complex (BWC, Eopleistocene and Pleistocene sediments ) and
  • aquifers formed in Pliocene water-bearing media.