Natural Attenuation of Emerging Pharmaceuticals by Bank Filtration in Addressing Regional Groundwater Management Issues - Dimkic et al. page 06

The need for highly complex and costly treatments generally exists in areas where over-exploitation has either been noted or predicted (Figure  3, 4). It is obvious that in certain areas the over-exploitation issue is compounded by water quality problems which necessitate highly complicated and costly treatments. As a result, the only long-term solution is to deliver additional water to the areas where groundwater of poor quality is over-exploited. Figure  7 shows the required level of groundwater treatment in certain parts of Vojvodina.


Proposed Regional Water Supply System for Banat

Two general water-supply concepts have been proposed to address water supply issues in various parts of Vojvodina:
  • Development of regional water sources in alluvial deposits of the Danube and Sava rivers, and
  • Development or expansion of local water sources.
According to the Water Management Master Plan of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of the RoS 11/02, 2002), future water supply in this area should be based on both local sources (including additional treatment) and newly-developed regional water sources. Regional water sources will be developed in alluvial aquifers of the Sava and the Danube (Figure 8). These regional water supply systems would be combined with local abstractions and the groundwater suitably treated, especially in areas where the quality of local groundwater is relatively favorable.