WRM Journal No. 4, Vol. 3

cover vol3 no4The Fourth issue Vol. 3 of Water Research and Management was published on 31 December 2013. Our twelveth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Main Courses of Action in the Serbian Water Sector: An Example From a Transition Country
    Dimkić M., Milovanović M., Milojković S., Varga S., Petković S. and D. Dimkić
  • Distribution of the snail Amphimelania holandrii Pfeiffer, 1828 (Melanopsidae; Gastropoda) in Serbia in the 2009-2012 period
    Novaković B., Marković V. and J. Tomović
  • Impact of Different Water Matrices on Analysis of Chlorinated Phenols
    Kragulj M., Tričković J., Molnar J., Tubić A., Maletić S., Agbaba J. and B. Dalmacija
  • Diversity of Oligochaeta Fauna in the High-Mountain Lakes of Šar-Planina Mountain
    Živić N.V., Miljanović B.M., Atanacković A.D. and M.M. Paunović
  • Feeding of Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) in three reservoirs in Serbia
    Pavlović M., Paunović M. and V. Simić
  • First record of Pectinatella magnifica (Leidy 1851) in Hungary
    Szekeres J., Akác A. and B. Csányi

WRM Journal No. 3, Vol. 3

cover vol3 no3The Third issue Vol. 3 of Water Research and Management was published on 1 October 2013. Our eleventh issue contains the following contributions:

  • National Drought Policy Guidebook
    Marathe K. and S. Demuth
  • Integrated Water Resource Management for Mega City: A Case Study of Dhaka City, Bangladesh
    Md. Bahauddin K. and N. Hossain
  • Non-indigenous invasive freshwater crustaceans (Crustacea: Malacostraca) in Slovakia
    Lipták B.
  • The first occurrence of Carassius gibelio (Bloch, 1782) and Carassius auratus auratus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Orontes River Basin (Hatay, Turkey)
    Özcan G.
  • Environmental fate of most commonly used pesticides in the Morava River Basin, Serbia
    Labus-Blagojević S., Gavrilović V., Dolovac N.,Trkulja N. and E. Pfaf-Dolovac





WRM Journal No. 2, Vol. 3

Korica casopisa Vol3 No2The Second issue Vol. 3 of Water Research and Management was published on 1 July 2013. Our tenth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Reconciling the Interests of Hydropower and Environmental Protection in the Danube River Basin
    P. Weller
  • Assessment of Ecological Importance and Anthropogenic Change of Subaquatic Springs in Ancient Lake Ohrid
    Jordanoska B., Stafilov T., and A.J. Wüest
  • Seasonal Changes of Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in White Muscle of Longfin Gurnard (Chelidonychthys obscurus) from the Adriatic Sea
    Pavlović S., Borković-Mitić S., Gavrilović B., G. Despotović S., P. Gavrić J. and Z.S. Saičić
  • Threatened Freshwater Fishes of Iraq, with Remarks on their Conservation Status
    L. Jawad
  • Indicative Ecological Status Assessment of the Zapadna Morava River Based on Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Community
    B. Novaković
  • FLORA: A Software Package for Statistical Analysis of Ecological Data
    B. Karadžić




WRM Journal No. 1, Vol. 3

cover no9The First issue Vol. 3 of Water Research and Management was published on 1 April 2013. Our ninth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Monitoring of the Iron Gate Hydropower and Navigation System on the Danube River
    Babić Mladenović M., Radovanović M. & P. Radosavljević
  • Thermal and Dissolved Oxygen Properties and Fish Assemblages of the Zlatar Reservoir
    Mićković B., Nikčević M., Djikanović V., Smederevac-Lalić M., Gačić Z. & A. Hegediš
  • On the Asymmetry of Some Morphological Characters of the Silver-Cheeked Toadfish Lagocephalus sceleratus (Gmelin, 1789) Collected from the Sea of Oman
    L. Jawad
  • Preliminary Results of Sea Water Quality Assessment Based on Physiological Biomarkers in Part of the Boka Kotorska Bay
    Martinović R., Kurakin A.S., Kholodkevich S.V., Gačić Z. & Z. Kljajić
  • Freshwater Mussels of the Serbian Stretch of the Tisa River
    Tomović J., Simić V., Tubić B., Zorić K., Kračun M., Marković V. & M. Paunović



Editorial: Evaluation period for Thompson Reuters products

ukoricen WRMWe would like to share with you that the Journal Water Research and Management (WRM) is entering in the very important phase. Namely, in February 2013 we applied to be included in the in Thomson Reuters products. This is very important step towards better recognition of WRM by scientific community and consequently higher number of manuscripts received and improved quality of published articles. Each journal goes through an extensive evaluation process before being selected or rejected for coverage by Thomson Reuters products. A lot of criteria are used for the evaluation, such as: overall quality and content, format, citation data, regularity, English quality etc. Minimum three consecutive issues of the journal have to be evaluated before the decision.

Many of you already contributed to the development of the WRM with interesting articles, suggestions and participation in review process– THANKS A LOT!!!

Having in mind that the upcoming period is of extreme importance for the improvement of the journal and its selection of rejection for coverage in relevant databases, we would like to ask you for the assistance to prove that the WRM is worth to be included in Thompson Reuters products.

In that direction we would like to invite you to send the manuscripts, suggestions, critics and to help in review process.


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