The scientific journal „Water Research and Management - WRM“ has been established

IMG_6361Belgrade, November 15, 2010

On the 6th meeting of the Managing Board of the Serbian Water Pollution Control Society (SWPCS), the scientific journal „Water Research and Management - WRM“ has been established. Publisher of the WRM is the SWPSC, while co-publishers are the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area – IAWD, Jaroslav Černi Institute for Development of Water Resources and University of Belgrade – Siniša Stanković Institute for Biological Research.
The WRM will publish papers on English, with support of the international Editorial Board. The ambition of the SWPCS is to provide the basis for publishing of high quality papers, as well as to establish support to enable the journal to become refereed in the relevant bibliographic databases and to get impact factor (IF) in shortest possible period.


Founding Initiative

The idea of establishing a scientific and professional journal under the auspices of the Serbian Water Pollution Control Society has been launched after the election of the current Steering committee (from the beginning of this year the Main Board) of the Society. At the last meeting of the Society's Assembly (June 2010) the idea is shown to the members present and has gained support.


It was concluded that there is a need for a quality journal that would include all aspects of research and water management.

Concept that covers a wide publicity, would enable the journal to start with a large number of papers, and to arouse interest of a wide readership. Various themes and potential users of different professions, can contribute to the high quality of published papers and citations of the journal.

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