WRM Journal No. 3, Vol. 7

korica casopisa vol7 no3The Third issue Vol. 7 of Water Research and Management was published on 21 October 2017. Our twentyseventh issue contains the following contributions:

  • Interaction Between Water Protection and Spatial Planning
    Dobricic M. and P. Marjanovic
  • Hydrologic Reconstruction of the Bjelica River Flood of March 2016 using Radar Precipitation Measurements
    Zlatanović N., Damjanović V. and S. Prohaska
  • Impact of Hydroelectric Power Station "Iron Gate I" Backwater on Soil Wetness and Tree Diameter Increment in Flood Plain Forests on the Example of Profile ''Mlaca''
    Urosevic M., Puzovic R., Stefanovic M. and A. Drobnjak
  • Checklist of Freshwater Leeches (Hirudinea) in Serbia
    Živić I., Cvetković A., Božanić M., Radojević A. and K. Stojanović
  • Biological Indicators of Environmental Conditions and Water Quality in "Međuvršje Reservoir (Serbia)
    Đelić G., Branković S. and M. Marković - Hydrophytes



WRM Journal No. 2, Vol. 7

korica casopisa vol7 no2The Second issue Vol. 7 of Water Research and Management was published on 20 July 2017. Our twentysixth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Assessment of Hydrological Regime in the Long Run of the Danube River Using Nonlinear Times Series Analysis and Wavelet Transform
    Kostić S., Stojković M. and N. Vasović
  • Ecological Status of the Boka Kotorska Bay at Mariculture Areas, Montenegro
    Huter A., Drakulović D., Pestorić B., Joksimović D. and M. Mandić
  • Bioaccumulation of Elements in Species Polygonum Amphibium L. in Reservoir "Gruža" (Serbia)
    Branković S., Glišić R., Đelić G., Topuzović M., Simić Z., Milošković A. and V. Đekić
  • Characterization of Leachate from Contaminated Sediment After Treatment by Stabilization/Solidification
    Slijepčević N., Tomašević Pilipović D., Kerkez Đ, Bečelić-Tomin M., Krčmar D., Rončević S. and B. Dalmacija
  • Water Quality of the Reservoir Bočac and the River Vrbas Downstream of the Dam
    Zarić I. and M. Nikolić
  • Protozoa as Contaminants of Surface Water – Methods of Detection
    Ćirković V., Uzelac A., Klun I. and O. Djurković-Djaković



WRM Journal No. 1, Vol. 7

korica casopisa vol7 no1The First issue Vol. 7 of Water Research and Management was published on 1 May 2017. Our twentyfifth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Dominance of Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) in Lakes and Reservoirs in Serbia: Can it be Predicted in Time to React with Management Measures?
    Marjanovic P., Kostic D., Vulic D. and M. Marjanovic
  • An Assessment of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Diversity and Ecological Preferences in Some Smaller Watercourses from Srem (Vojvodina, Serbia)
    Markovic V.,Atanackovic A., Tomovic J., Ilic M. and M. Paunovic
  • Contaminant Build-Up in Urban Snow Cover
    Ðukic A., Lekic B. and V. Rajakovic Ognjanovic
  • Simulation of Degradation Processes of Volatile Organic Compounds by Using GMS
    G. Bora and T. Borah
  • Optimization of Water Tank Operation in Water Supply Distribution Systems – Užice Waterworks Case Study
    Danicic A. and M. Pražic

WRM Journal No. 4, Vol. 6

korica casopisa vol6 no4The Fourth issue Vol. 6 of Water Research and Management was published on 31 December 2016. Our twentyfourth issue contains the following contributions:

  • Scale Modeling of Riga HPP Stilling Basin
    Starinac D., Vojt P., Mladenovic D., Žugic D., Kapor R. and Lj. Savic
  • Identifying and Quantifying Ecological Flows with Geomorphic Functions
    A. Zaghal
  • Range Expansion of the Introduced Species Sinanodonta Woodiana (Lea, 1834) in the Sava River (Slovenia)
    Rakovic M., Tomovic J., Popovic N., Zoric K., Zuliani T., Sever M. and M. Paunovic
  • Hydrographic Characteristics and Plankton Structure of the Southeastern Part of the Southern Adriatic Sea
    Vukanic V., Vukanic D., Živic N.V., Jakšic T. and S. Canak



WRM Journal No. 3, Vol. 6

Korica casopisa Vol6 No3The Third issue Vol. 6 of Water Research and Management was published on 14 October 2016. Our twentythird issue contains the following contributions:

  • Drivers of Phytoplankton Blooms in the Vrutci Reservoir During 2014-2015 and Implications for Water Supply and Management
    Kostić D., Marjanović P., Marjanović M., Blagojević A., Trbojević I., Predojević D., Subakov Simić G., Vulić D., Obradović V. and Z. Naunović
  • Modeling of Hydrogeological Processes in the Zeta Plain, Catchment Area of Lake Skadar in Montenegro
    Sekulić G. and M. Radulović
  • Implications of Different Management Scenarios on Sustainability. The Case of Tablas de Daimiel National Park
    De la Hera A., López-Gunn E. and R.M.Stephan
  • Sewer System Inspection and Maintenance Model for Groundwater Protection
    Milojković I., J. Despotović and M. Popović
  • Water Budget for Carp Culture Ponds in Odisha, India
    Adhikari S., Pani K.C. and P. Jayasankar
  • The Activity of Antioxidant Defence Enzymes (Glutathione Peroxidase, Glutathione Reductase and Phase II Biotransformation Enzyme Glutathione-S-Transferase) in Some Tissues of Stone Crayfish (Austropotamobius torrentium Shrank) from Krajkovacka River
    Milošević S.M., Živić N.V., Milosavljević M.V. and T. R. Jakšić








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