Our 3rd Issue, Vol. 5

Korica casopisa Vol5 No3


Our new issue contains the following contributions:


Preliminary Results of Hydrologic Reconstruction of the May 2014 Kolubara River Flood
Prohaska S. and N. Zlatanović

Analysis of Hydrodynamic Pressures in the Stilling Basin of an Earth Dam
Damnjanović M., Vojt P., Starinac D., Žugić D., Kapor R. and Lj. Savić

Taxonomical Composition and Functional Structure of Phytoplankton in Two Water Supply Reservoirs in Serbia
Predojević D., Karadžić V. and G. Subakov-Simić

Notes on Feeding Preferences of Some Cyprinids (Osteichthyes, Cyprinidae) in the Danube Downstream from Belgrade
Egerić M., Škraba D., Ilić M., Marković V. and V. Nikolić

The Quality of Water From Artesian Drinking Fountains in the City of Zaječar
Vučković M., Dimkić I., Marušić V., Stević T., Stanković S. and T. Berić